Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is here...

...blossoms are blooming! Sunset yesterday evening was lovely, birds were singing and our neighbours clematis (I think?) is nudging it's way over our pretty!

I should be studying but pah...I just can't get it together...I have taken Monday and Tuesday off to do an assignment that I need to hand in on Thursday...all will be well..can't wait to have it all over and done with. Yesterday was a lovely day but I was so tired after a very stressful week at work and a few too many glasses of wine over dinner with Cousin M on Friday night...a lovely evening tho. Hooked up with friends we haven't seen in 3 years for lunch yesterday...all very pleasant.

Emailing Little Glowing Lights, one of my favourite blogs, over the past few days. This lovely and talented girl is making some mini pom poms for me for my Moleskine diary and a lovely leatherbound notebook that needs some cheer. Am looking forward to a great mail day soon. I should also be receiving my prints from Sugarloop shortly.

I also noticed this weekend that Danielle from Delaks has posted a picture of my living room showing the lovely blackbird painting/collages I commissioned her to do...another wonderful Australian talent!