Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday afternoon...

As it's such a beautiful day, a walk with the woofers in Pearse Park was called for...

Saturday morning...

Woke up to a cold but beautiful bright day so decided to go into town for breakfast in Bewleys cafe. Bewleys is on Grafton Street (Dublin's main shopping street on the south side) and is a Dublin institution. I remember when I came up to Dublin to go to UCD many years ago, I used to escape lectures and zip into town on my bike and sit in Bewleys for hours reading beside one of the nice open fires. It has been modernised and isn't quite as cosy but it's still a very special place and there were a couple of fires lit this morning too which was nice! Here are some snaps of Sth Anne Street, Grafton Street, Bewleys and our brekkie! Note the beautiful Harry Clarke stained glass windows in the cafe - stunning!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gorgeous bedroom..

Love, love, love..everything about it....the Eero Aarnio baby rocket stool, the Le Klint light, the Crux blanket, the white floors...the clean it all...from Kitka

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mabel & Louis

Handmade by Sara Carr...trying to come up with an excuse to buy Mabel! Hope you had a lovely weekend...mine just flew by - way to quickly! Went to Belfast on Saturday - left Dublin at 7:30 and back home by 1:30pm...wrecked but just a whirlwind visit to pick up a fridge at Ikea (they bloomin well don't stock it in Dublin even though it's listed on the website..ridiculous).

So there have been a few changes around the house over the past few weeks...the snug is almost complete - will post about it all during the week.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hello...hope you had a lovely weekend:) Started my new job about information overload...this is a BIG organisation...they seem to have their own language which is complete double dutch to me...luckily I was handed a document entitled "Jargon-Buster" towards the end of the day making things seem a little bit clearer! Big change for me but all good so far...people all seem really nice and friendly!

Found this cute little Irish store Mabel & Violet - loving this adorable tea cosy...


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Independent Swedish Designers...

I subscribe to the newsletter "from Sthlm" - a Swedish website which sells beautiful everyday items by independent Swedish designers.

From the website...

"Every month we feature a new designer and offer their freshest, most interesting designs in limited editions for 30 days only"

You can visit the website here and see the various designers they have featured along with the current month's designer. I must say, I love them all but if you like any of the items you need to be quick...they are made in very small numbers and seem to be sold out very are some items that I really liked (sadly sold out) but I now realise I must be devilishly fleet of finger if I want to purchase something in future!

Still snowing here in Dublin...we haven't had a cold snap like this since the 60's apparently...great for me tho, as I am still off work...yay!

From the top...1&2 by Lotta Kuhlhorn, 3 by Camilla Engdahl, 4 by Lovisa Wattman and 5&6 by Beng & Lotta (you can see these designers and more on the website).

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Oh Hector...

Hello! I popped into the recently opened Conran Shop in town yesterday and finally gave in to temptation and purchased, not one, not two but three Hector lamps....aarrggh...very extravagant indeed but I have been longing for one (see here) for some time. I felt it was ok to splurge a little of my redundancy money in celebration of getting a new job..teehee! I bought the floor lamp for beside our sofa and two table lamps for our bedroom...below is a picture of the table lamp (floor lamp is exactly the same but taller!). I love the retro/vintage feel - they have bone china shades and a ceramic bases with a cotton-braided flex which really adds to the retro look!

Gazed longingly at the Eames "Hang it All" which I posted about here ...but will wait another day before I make that purchase.

Also got cosy on the Eames Lounger and Ottoman...but boy, I'll never be able to afford that at a hefty 5,000 euros...yikes!!

They didn't have the lamps in stock so I have to wait 3 whole weeks for them to arrive in Dublin...I will post some images when I have them in situ! Have a lovely day!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

It snowed last night just before midnight! We got up early and took the woofers up to the local park for a was magical and a great way to start the new year!

Some pictures from the park this morning...

Hope 2010 is a happy and healthy year for us all!