Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keeping with all things green....

...well, not really but there is a little bit of green in these pictures!! Finally got around to trying some of the Macaroons at Laduree (in the Luxury Hall at Brown Thomas - Dublin's swishiest department store). Managed to pack in most of the flavours and they were all delicious...I could easily scoff the lot...they are very wee! I took a few pictures last night and these were the clearest but you'll see a little blob on the first one, up on the top, where I used the i-photo retouch to block out a bit of chocolate hanging out of the top (ruining it for me). Wish I could use photo-shop or something...I wonder am I the only person in the world who loads up photos "straight off the camera" or SOTC...a phrase/acronym I wasn't even aware of until about a week ago....luddite :)

Anyway, heading out tonight for something to eat and a few bevvies as we have tomorrow off to celebrate St Paddy! Not sure if we will go to the parade tomorrow (boo!)...we'll have to see...if we do, I will be sure to take some photos and share more SOTC gems with you all!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring green....

We have had the most beautiful weather recently...blue skies, lots of gorgeous sunshine (very cold but I don't mind how cold it is once the sun is shining!). For the past few years, daffodils were blooming in February (so wrong!)..daffodils always appeared around Mother's Day and even tho it was Mother's Day yesterday, the daffodils are only just beginning to bloom. There are snowdrops and crocus' everywhere...spring is here and everything feels lush and green...I took a few pictures up in the park the other day...felt like I was on Pandora!!

Happy Monday! It's Paddy's Day on Wednesday and I have Thursday and Friday off work too...yayy! However, it's not all good as I have to study...poo! Enjoy your week :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goddesses all ??

Why, yes...we are!! If you can, you must check out these books by Irish Journalist, Gisele Scanlon...I just bought the second Goddess Guide a few weekends ago. I loved the first so buying the second was a must! They are little guides jam-packed with tips on beauty, fashion, travel, food and much more...you can get the low down on offbeat stores, vintage shops, great cafes, restaurants and hotels in cities like NYC, London, Dublin and Paris - things you won't see in other guides. How to look after cashmere, the world's best macaroons, pages on chocolate followed by chocolate recipes...the list goes on. It's fun and frolicsome and actually quite useful! The books are beautifully designed and they are not too expensive either! The Goddess Guide and the Goddess Experience - a nice little treat for yourself!

Oh...and look..it's a Hector Lamp..they finally arrived after waiting over 8 weeks - but I think they were worth the wait - I love them. This little chap won't be staying here...he is destined to sit by my bed...will show pictures later when I get organised.

Oh....and...anybody who has this type of comment box...I just can't leave comments, don't know why...they just disappear..pooofff...gone! So, please know that I do visit but just can't comment. Anyone else suffer from this particular comment malaise??

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

At last....

I have been mooching around looking for new skincare products and have tried lots over the past few months...I was using Origins. Am glad to say that I have now settled on a great set of products...Laura Mercier. Am using purifying oil, purifying water and moisturiser as well as a lip exfoliator and conditioner...they are fantastic! I love the oil and purifying water...I was a little worried about using oil to clean my skin but it is probably the best cleanser I have ever used...really! I use a hot muslin cloth to wipe it off and after one go...everything is gone and my face is completely clean...highly recommended by me :) Also, I love the simple, clean look of the packaging. Sorry about the photo below...not one of my best shots!

And, Laura Mercier has a great mineral foundation too which I am looking forward to using when my current Prescriptives tinted moisturiser runs out...Prescriptives has closed worldwide which is sad..it was very good on Irish skin and was very popular here.

Although taking a break from its skincare, I will always use Origins Ginger Essence skin scent, body souffle and body scrub...I have been using this range since 2003 and never get tired of it - the smell is light and fresh and always lifts my spirits! Ooo...if I could spritz you now, I would!! Picture below from the Origins website..

Hope you have a lovely week :)

Friday, March 05, 2010


Hankering for Spring and Summer and looking forward to a little purchase...so loving Hasbeens...think they are still a bit of a secret over here so don't tell!!

These are my favourites....Hasbeens...yes :)