Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great idea...

This is good....I am always leaving spoons down once I have stirred my tea or coffee and end up leaving little spldoge marks on tables and chair arms...this solves that problem pretty neatly....Simple but clever...from Design my World


Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have loved stationery, so I get a little excited when I find something new...

Nice find me thinks...lots more designs available at Girl of All Work - check it out!

Then there are these Sliced Bread/Notebooks - a 12 slices loaf of notebooks - each slice(notebook) has a number on it related to the months of the year or whatever you want them to relate too...cool! I still can't figure out where to buy them so please tell if you happen to know). You can check out more images and other interesting stuff at Behance which is "A free platform for the world's leading creative professionals" to showcase their work - all very nice indeed!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fruit bowls...

I like...a lot! Happy Monday!

from Design My World

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Me Time" Nook...

I need to make quite a few changes around our little house! This weekend, I plan to make a list of projects for us to do over the summer and hopefully I will share progress on these projects with you, right here!

One of my smaller projects is to create a little "Me Time" Nook (not a study/office-y type space...more somewhere which combines a kind of dressing table arrangement with a little place to do my blogging, write thank you notes etc...this nook will go in our master bedroom (which is in our attic) and will replace an Ikea Malm tallboy that I don't use at all and don't really like either as it happens! (space is wider than it looks in photo)...

Here's where my nook will go...(see tallboy reflection in mirror)

And some images I like for exactly this spot...

I think this last image is the ideal solution for me...I love it..plan to do some thrifting soon and hopefully find an old bureau to "do up"...

Middle image from Delaks...others...oops, not so sure..sorry!

I am going to visit my parents this weekend...leaving work early - really looking forward to my visit! Enjoy your weekend whatever it is you decide to do!

Colour pops!

So, I know I totally love light, white and bright but I also love pops of bright colour! Here are some images that I thought worked colour "pops" really nicely...

All images from Living etc. Not long to go before the weekend...hurrah!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Etsy loveliness...

Some ceramics I think are very pretty - I particularly like the colours used and the "etching" detail...these two from here...

These "oh, so pretty" pieces are from Whitney Smith's store...again love the colours here too...

The two pieces below are from Brooklyn Rehab...

because I'm Irish (it would have been rude not to!!)....

Quite liking these little felt goodies also...from here...

Hope you are having a lovely week...Ireland is basking in sunshine right now and we are lapping it up!! Weehhhaaa! Long may it last...hope sun is shining wherever you are too :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh, oh...

Hmmm....have been browsing around Papastour..a Scottish design website that I am particularly fond of and one which I haven't peeped at in some time. Ooh and aah.. ...have selected some of my favourites to share with you...I would totally LOVE all of these items...all handmade...aren't they gorgeous?? Go check it out - you never know what you might find!!

Resin earrings...loving the colours and their quirkiness..like the one long earring and one stud "mis-match" lots!!

Resin brooch..oh so pretty!

Resin bangle...nice!

Beautiful little glazed and unglazed bowls in lovely pink and blue...sigh..

Gorgeous wool bag..again, sigh!

And finally, this yummy colourful scarf...

You can see all the designers and their profiles on the website - definitely worth a looksie! Enjoy your day - it's a very misty, gloomy day in Dublin but it's Sunday, so all's well with the world :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

White - pure and simple...

I love white rooms...this beautiful house is on Hos & Hem...hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 Things...

Hello...I noticed Cheryl at Al Ain Notebook doing this tag that she saw via Katie...so I thought I'd join in just for the heck of it!!

[Mare and foal in field beside cottage we stay at in Connemara..reference my upcoming holiday!!] So, here goes...

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To
::Handing in my dissertation tomorrow
::Going for a slap up meal and a nice bottle of wine to celebrate
::Going on vacation in July
::Visiting my parents next weekend

4 Things I did Yesterday

::Worked on my dissertation all day looonnng
::Drank loads of coffee
::Went for a short walk with the woofers
::Watched "Property Snakes and Ladders"

4 Things I wish I Could Do
::Win the lottery
::Find a job I really enjoy (if I don't win the lottery that is!)
::Play the piano
::Work part-time (if I don't win the lottery that is!)

4 TV Shows I Watch
::Grand Designs with the lovely Mr McCloud
::Room for Improvement (Irish TV programme)
::24 (on DVD box set...save it all up for Christmas hols!)

4 Places I'd Like to Travel
::Grand Canyon
::Buenos Aires

4 Places I've Lived

::London, UK
::Sydney, Australia
::Tokyo, Japan
::Seoul, Korea

Maybe you'll jump on the bandwagon too!!