Monday, November 30, 2009


Hello! I had a very relaxing weekend and hope you did too! The weather was utterly dreadful yesterday...raining all day long, heavily and consistently...lots of people in the midlands and the west are suffering bad flooding at the moment so I feel lucky not to be one of those must be so awful for them. So with such awful weather outside, we holed up in front of the fire and watched TV (X Factor) and some DVDs (The Proposal and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). I liked both movies (not so sure about hubby tho!!).

Anyway, today is a gorgeous day and I have just come back from the park where I did two rounds with the woofers...stunning...frosty but sunny, my favourite! So, back on the net and came across this Swedish artist, Anna-Carin Dahl, who is based in Denmark...isn't her work can see more here..


Gigi said...

Oh, these are just lovely--luminous and delicate.

Your weekend sounds just right! We've been having a lot of that wind and rain, too. I keep expecting a big wave to come up and swallow our house, but I think we're safe enough!

xoxo Gigi

Tracy said...

Very, very pretty... I really like those tea light holders! The weather here was awful too... a break in the rain Sunday allowed for going to the tree lighting on the town square though...LOL! Happy Week, Martina :o) ((HUGS))

bethany said...

Adorable natural silhouettes...such beautiful work! Wasn't The Proposal adorable? Ryan Reynolds just gives me butterflies, that face, that body! I've seen it six times... :)

Happy holidays (and weekend!)!