Friday, October 15, 2010


Hello! Bit of a hiatus in posting as a result of a very busy weekend and most of this week in Brussels with work.

We went to see Supertramp at the O2...bit before my time but I still recognised some of the songs and I have to admit they really are great musicians...still! They must be in their 60s by now but if I have the energy they have when I am that age, I'll be happy!

I mentioned previously that we were looking at the possibility of getting a Vespa for going to and from work, trips into town, to concerts, matches etc...well a friend of ours is also looking at getting one so after the Leinster v Racing Metro Heineken Cup game that we went to last Saturday (we won yayyyy!), we headed out to Bikeworld. This is the one we have our eye's so cute! B reckons that it won't attract so much attention (from thieving types!) as the cream coloured one! Just taking some time to think about it...very hard to make a decision on an outlay quite that big! We'll see and I'll keep you posted!

On a completely different note...I love this Orla Kiely's navy wool flannel with a silk collar...I love the simplicity of the shape, the way it falls at the back and the neckline...what do you think?

Looking forward to a nice quite weekend - no big plans which is just what we need in our house! Have a good one :)


Casie said...

Ooh a vespa! Lucky you, they are terribly over priced here which is why I went for a different model.

Pros: You can park anywhere (and if cheeky cut through traffic, though this is illegal here)

The cost to run it is really low. Registration/petrol/insurance, compared to a car.

Made no sense for us to have a second car.

Awesome for trips where riding my bicycle would just take too long.

Cons: Initially scary to start with. Well I though so anyway. But this goes. And then it's fun!

I don't love riding mine when it's rainy (tram tracks are hazardous), we had our wettest Winter for about 5 years, so mine didn't get much use. My jacket is awesome, but I don't have wet weather pants which I'll probably get for next winter to encourage more riding.

Helmet hair. If you find a work around let me know! A silk scarf does and okay job.

Even though I have a top box and under seat storage, I really can't carry that much.

Good luck with the decision. I don't use mine that often because I/we don't drive that much and on nice days I tend to take my bike, but it's really handy to have.

Catherine said...

oh supertramp, my parents played that to death in the early 80's, i think my younger brother still has some mad fixation with them : ) it's always fun to see old stuff like that. A vespa sounds really cool, Martina, and they look so smart! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Jac said...

btw i love the dress, it looks so gorgeous, simple but beautiful!