Friday, November 12, 2010

Being alone...

I came across this little video (by film maker Andrea Dorfman) on youtube and I love is written and performed by poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis. I am good at being alone but I know lots of people are not and I think if you were one of those people you might learn to like it by watching this little video :) Also, if I have any readers left in the USofA, where is her accent's really cute!

Happy Friday everyone!


Catherine said...

oh I saw this video once before and thought it was so cute! I think I'm good at being alone too, I rather like it but sometimes it's nice remember to be ok with it. Hope you had a lovely weekend Martina!

Christina said...

i saw this video once and i loved it. i think i love it more today. it gives me so much inspiration. i might try and spread her beautiful words with her link. ; )
thank you, my friend.

Yolanda said...

I enjoyed the video and love the header.

Elise said...

Based on her vowels, I would say she's from Canada or the Pacific Northwest. This is lovely.

I recently read that there is a difference between aloneness and loneliness. Aloneness is an acceptance and cherishing one's individuality. Loneliness is a value attached to thinking of an other.

Be a light unto yourself.

I thought that was just lovely. Thank you for posting!

Relyn said...

Andra Dorfman is SO my favorite! I just love her!