Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holidays in Connemara...

Hello there! It's been a while :) We are on holidays - back at the usual cottage in Connamara with the woofers and loving every minute of it! Some photos below and more to come when I sort them out!  Also, if you click on the photos you will see bigger size.

This is Mannin Beach - always quiet, I don't think we have ever met anybody there...perfection!

Hope you are having a good week!  Pictures above include Mannin Beach (first 2), view from back of cottage looking at the ever-changing skies, road from island to mainland and then a couple from Gurteen Beach (where we go most days with the woofers).


Miss said...

Hurrah for holidays! Thanks for the progress report. It looks beautiful. Glad Oscar and Sadie (hope I got the names right) are having fun by the seaside :0)

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

Beautiful pictures! looks like such fun.