Monday, February 06, 2012

The weekend...

Winter woollies, brown bread, magazines, curling up and rugby...that was pretty much it.  Miserable weather meant staying indoors most of the weekend...eating toast, reading my mags and watching the Six Nations - we lost to Wales :( ...sadly.   

We bought the Rosetta Stone language kit and loaded it up on our macs too...we both want to be pretty fluent by the end of the year...vive la France!  Once I have done that, I am moving on to Japanese!  Am also doing a design course so it's all about learning in 2012!

Just thinking about it now...we actually did venture out this weekend....we went out for Chinese food on Friday night.  It was delicious...I cannot remember the last time I ate Chinese out...seriously, must be 15 years - really enjoyed it. 

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Georgia said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend there.
The weather in sydney is doing its best winter impression at the moment - it's quite strange. We're moving house this weekend but after that I'm looking forward to curling up with some magazines and brown bread myself:)
Good luck with the language and design courses!