Tuesday, March 01, 2011


On Sunday we zipped out to Dalkey (about 25 mins from city centre)...it's one of my favourite spots in Dublin. A beautiful seaside, higgeldy piggeldy village, that sits high above the sea with amazing views of Dublin Bay. The most beautiful homes in Dublin (in my opinion) are out this neck of the woods...someday I would love to live there! I will take more photos next time to share with you (I forgot my camera - the photos below were taken with my iPhone). My aunt lived in Dalkey before she died last year and we used to visit a lot when we were kids so it has always been a favourite place.

It was a beautiful day...these are photos looking over and down onto Killiney beach...maybe I'll get to spend some days here if we have a good summer...fingers crossed..we can't have FOUR years of terrible summers, right??

The beach is a long way down a path and lots of steps...the woofers were pooped when we got back!

Tuesday now and another stunning, bright and sunny day...though frosty! Have a great week :)

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