Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bed of Flowers...

I have had Bed of Flowers, a Bed & Breakfast in the Netherlands stored in my bookmarks for a few years now and finally may have the chance to go stay there! Friends of ours are moving from the UK to somewhere (I can't remember the name of it) on the German/Dutch border and we will definitely visit them and hopefully do a little drive round NL...this is a dream home..when I looked at it again, sighing and drooling over the beautiful images, I couldn't believe that I hadn't posted about it before..I know I intended too.

The B&B is run by Floriene Bosch who is, according to her website, "very passionate about interior decorating with a very personal style and characterized by daring colors and flower designs. She also enjoys hosting people from all over the world."

Go have a look..there are lots more images on the website...words escape me! LOVE!!

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