Monday, August 08, 2011

Seven things...'s been a while...I don't know what to be blogging about these days! We are having such a crappy summer weather-wise! Anyway...Catherine of Little Glowing Lights tagged me AGES ago about this...I can never think of interesting stuff for these kind of things but here is my meagre offering...

**I really don't like weddings - my husband and I ran away to get married because we dislike them so much, and spent the money we would have spent on a wedding on a f**k off 7 week honeymoon instead.... LA, Fiji, New Zealand, SF and NYC...selfish us :)

**Apparently I smile a lot - I am not really aware of this tho. I am generally happy but I have very grumpy moments and have no problem sharing them.

**I can swear like a fish wife (unless I am with people I don't know, then I can hold back...for a while).

**I am always, always, always on some kind of "diet" - basically I am either putting on weight or losing it!!

**Today I realised that I have LOADS of grey hair, I mean that if I didn't colour it, I would be sporting a total salt (mostly salt) and pepper look - I have been colouring my hair for years...for FUN but not anymore, now I HAVE to...I am getting OLD.

**I should be at least 2 inches taller than I am! I have scoliosis - that's a curvature of the spine - I had surgery when I was about 14 and wore a plaster cast around my body for a year! You wouldn't really notice it unless you were an expert tho..which is good :)

**I was almost born in the US of A! My Dad was sent on a year long course shortly after he and my mother got married and, like the good little catholics that they were, my mother quickly became pregnant - I wish she hadn't decided to come home to have me cos then I would have dual citizenship..I would love to live in NYC for 6 months!

That's it folks! Have a great week :)


Georgia said...

Such a honest and wonderful offering Martina! I especially like the 'f**k off 7 week honeymoon' - go you guys! Also, I just wanted to add that your pinterest boards are fantastic - I think we have very similar taste in kitchens :)

StephieB said...

Great read Martina! Love the honeymoon comment - I wish we had done that - and the swearing one too!

Lots of fun and thanks for sharing, Stephie x

StephieB said...

PS Hope to get to New York next year - fingers crossed! S

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

sounds like a dream honeymoon! We would love to travel for the same amount of time - we are still doing the ceremony, but will likely ask for help on the honeymoon fund rather than linens, cookware etc.

hope you are having a great week,

Catherine said...

I'm with you on the wedding thing Martina! Sounds like you must have had the most amazing trip! and too bad you weren't born in the US that would be fantastic to have dual citizenship, ahh i could definitely live in new york for six months!

Hope you had a great weekend and you are getting some sun there : )