Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am working from home (and have been for the past 2.5 weeks) - it's great because it is pretty quiet at work what with EVERYBODY being away on hols so it would be just completely mind-numbing to be stuck in the office. I can do a bit of housework, go for a walk, nip out to the shops, spend cuddle-time with the woofers etc all between emails and an odd call here and there! Could really get used to this but it all ends Monday! However, it is only 2.5 weeks then til I go on my holiday for 2.5 weeks...all round happy me :) Hope you are having a good week!

Just happened upon these gorgeous slippers on Etsy...they are divine! What I especially love is that you can buy a little rubber sole to pop on the bottom if you want.


Christina said...

hi friend!

Catherine said...

working from home sounds so good, I'd love to try it but I know I would be hopeless and get nothing done! These slippers are so sweet I think I need that bottom pair, it looks like they have little wings : )
Hope the count down to your holiday goes nice and quickly!

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

super cute. they look so cozy.

Great find,