Tuesday, January 10, 2012

About the house...

In December, we painted our house inside from top to bottom (yayy for us!) - the same very pale grey colour with white on all the woodwork.  Of course, there is a little bit left to do - isn't there always - we haven't done the kitchen yet (which is tiny, so no big deal) as I want to paint one wall pink and haven't chosen the exact shade yet.  Also, want to paint the wall our bed sits against and possibly one wall in our hallway in Down Pipe (F&B) so a little left to do but that's mostly me humming and hawing!

And, just before Christmas we got our new sofa - hurrah!  I managed to sell our old Habitat Sofa for 400 euros and bought an Ikea Karlstad sofa instead which I am really happy with.  It's such good value (and we got 30% off because the box was slightly damaged and the edge of one corner of the sofa a little scuffed!).  I didn't want the standard beech legs and was planning to get a chrome underframe but these were not in stock so I got a set of chrome legs for 25 euros and actually think I prefer them.   We went to Ikea again last week to pick up the footstool.  I need to get some nice cushions - just using this Ikea one from the snug for the moment.  What I especially like about this sofa is that if we get bored of it we can change the whole look with new covers...perfect!

Oh...I must introduce you to Harvey (he is a giraffe).  I got him as a present from my husband...he is handmade by Ruth (daughter-in-law of Ian who I mentioned for creating the Christmas card in this post).  Isn't he the cutest little chap??

Have a great day!


Miss said...

Looks lovely! Is it very comfy?

I've had my eye on a traditional style Freedom sofa for over a year now, but the standard fabric is polyester/nylon, and in this heat, I want at least some cotton in it. Hmm, perhaps I should switch centuries and look at the Karlstad!

Martina said...

Hi there! It's very comfy and the covers are really good quality heavy, textured cotton (I think). For the money, well worth it I think! IKEA has more traditional styles too. Hope you are well!

Georgia said...

Very inspiring Martina, especially as we are painting our place at the moment - in preparation for a move but still, it's very satisfying. We'll probably be in the market for a new sofa soon too - your one from Ikea looks lovely in the grey!

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

Looking good. I love the paint and your new couch! Isn't it fun to start off the new year fresh!