Thursday, January 05, 2012

Great mail day!!

Hi there...yesterday started out like a pile of poo when I got a call asking if I could work for a few hours....arrgghh...I'm on holidays - I was so grumpy!  Anyway, a little while later the doorbell rang and it was Mr UPS!  Remember this post?  Well, I have been watching the Orla Kiely website like a beady eyed little hawk waiting for the sale to start!  Imagine my delight when I found everything was 50% off!!!  Ok, so it's still out of my budget but I splurged voila!!

Love it!  I then went for a Shellac manicure as a treat for being hauled into working!  I maybe go for a manicure once a year but I just discovered Shellac a couple of weeks ago and love it!!  I got a dark grey colour (Asphalt) yesterday and am planning black for a few weeks time for a 40th birthday party (to which I will wear my new and fancy Orla dress!). 

Did some more work this morning but pretty much finished now.  Am going to do some ironing and tidying (life laundry kind of stuff!) now and then we are going to see the American version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" which should be interesting to compare against the Swedish film. 

Decorations are only half down...but plan to finish those tomorrow.  I will then sit down and make my 2012 List!  That's stuff I would like to do and achieve for 2012!

Have a great day!

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Catherine said...

oooh so lovely Martina, I think you are going to have a wonderful time at that party in such a sweet dress!