Friday, April 13, 2012

All about the print...

So, I am liking the trend for prints this summer but won't be getting too involved as I tend not to follow trends too much and like to buy things that last for a few years.  However, I fell big time for this coat from Cos.  I had been eyeballing it online for a while and then it disappeared (yikes) so when I found one in our local Cos store, I tried it on, loved it and bought it!  It looks great with a crisp white cotton top underneath and would look great with some dark grey jeans, which I can't find anywhere, so will wear with some good, dark jeans and silver / grey / white shoes (that I am hunting for).  The colors are a little bit hard but I love them anyway!  Plan to wear it to my niece's First Communion at end May.

Not sure if this photo does it justice but I promise it's lovely!  Will maybe take a photo with it on me at some point.  Enjoy your day :)


StephieB said...

Hey Martina!

Glad to see you are back! I love the coat and your library looks beautiful too!

It must be the year for holidays. My husband and I are off to New York for Christmas to celebrate our wedding anniversary! We will be away for almost a month - yikes! I haven't been anywhere since 2007!

I hope that you will have a wonderful time. It's good to have a holiday to look forward to isn't it?!

Hugs, Stephie x

Miss said...


It's a lovely coat - I can see why you fell for it. Do show us the shoes when you find them :-)

How are Oscar and Sadie? Will they go to France with you?