Friday, May 15, 2009


Happy Friday! It's been a really llllllonnnnggg week for me and the last few days have been wet and icky so I am totally looking forward to my Saturday morning snooze followed by a long and leisurely breakfast (bacon, pancakes and maple syrup I think!)and if the weather breaks, some nice walks with Les Woofs!

So, I am a complete magazine freak! I buy about 10(!) a month (or I did until last month...have now reduced to 5 with a view to just buying 2 from now on..current economic climate and all that mularkey!). Anyway, I will always buy Elle Decor and Living etc and I just loved Holly Aird's London home in the May edition...I particularly loved the rug in the living is totally on my wishlist but boy, is it is custom made and for the size I would like would cost about £2000 ouch ouch ouch! (that'll be on the old wishlist for some time then!). A couple of nice shots of her home below if you haven't seen them...loving the simplicity and splashes of colour! (all images from living etc)

The living room and my rug!

Dining area...splashes of pink..I like very much indeed!

And kitchen...another lovely rug which works really well in this space, right on!

I also spotted my favourite Hector table lamp in one her bedrooms...this has been on my wishlist for sometime now...and this I will have...not so crazy mad expensive but still enough to make you pause...for my birthday I think! This one is for sale at Graham & Greene

That's all for now folks! Hope everybody has a lovely weekend! xx


Jac said...

Ha! Magazines are my vice, left to my own devices I would buy them every day! I love Living Etc but don't buy it every single month though I must confess to having about 4 years worth of back copies from when it first started. I just find that I really don't want to throw Living Etc away in the way I do with other magazines, as I do often refer back to them so I try and ration myself! Still there must be worse vices!!

Catherine said...

Oh that house is gorgeous, it's pretty perfect isn't it. I share your magazine compulsion, I always get real living, living etc, frankie, inside out and nick my mum's country living too. It's just so nice to have lots of lovely things to look at! I think I need to cut back too...

Martina said...

Hey guys! Good to see I'm not alone on the old mag addiction front!! I'm sure I will be sharing my other "addictions" soon..teehee!