Monday, May 18, 2009

Hang it All...

Hello! I hope you had a lovely weekend...Monday again...groan!

So, my entrance hallway is tiny! And, it's always a everywhere, bicycle helmets, locks, high-viz gear (and sometimes my bicycle) plus a huge pile of coats and jackets draped over a mere 4 hooks!! I have been meaning to get it sorted for a long time...B (my husband) was going to make a long, very narrow (depth-wise) cupboard, with lots of space to hang coats etc and lower shelves to store shoes...but I've changed my mind..I would love an Eames "Hang It All"...

but it's very expensive (for a coot hook - oops sorry...a hallway accessory!)and I can't afford that right now, so instead I am thinking of getting two of these from Red Direct

The plan is to buy two so that I have length 1.2m of hooks and then build a unit underneath no more than 60cm high nor 30cm in depth for storing bike stuff and our shoes..B will custom make to fit what we have. I think it will look nice and the unit can double as a little bench if I pop a cushion or two (made by moi!) on top! What do you think? If I go ahead with it, I will post some before and after photos!
Hope you have a nice day!

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Jac said...

Ha! I like your style Martina - the red direct ones look fine and obviously leave you money to actually buy something to hang on it! Our coat rack is an old piece of wood with a little bit of bark on it, (sounds nicer than I've described!) with functional pegs like you get in school cloakrooms!