Thursday, June 11, 2009

Speaking of...

HOLIDAYS! Yayy...we booked my favourite place in the whole entire world for two whole weeks! This is the place where B and I got engaged 6 years ago....Connemara, Co Galway..the most beautiful place in the world! We have spent Christmas there in a little cottage for the past 5 years and plan to do so for the rest of our days (unless we are lucky enough to find our own cottage...a definite dream for us!). We have also spent some time there in summer but never two weeks! Now it's booked and we are going and I am tooooo excited! It would be great if the weather was good but even if it's not, it's still beautiful! Here are some shots from previous holidays...none of the cottage...I will save those and post when we are actually there!

Dog's Bay (our local beach)

The Bog Road

View from cottage...sunset

View from cottage...sunrise

Happy Sadie blitzing..

On a local fisherman's boat



Christina said...

Go sadie! ; )

So serene and lovely. The air must be heavenly.


elk said...

what a scenic series of photos~it is always fun to return to a special place

Jac said...

It looks so lovely Martina I bet you can't wait. So nice that you've both buitl up a special relationship with this place and no wonder looking at your photos! A whole two weeks sounds bliss... ps love that bottom photo with the buttercups!