Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 Things...

Hello...I noticed Cheryl at Al Ain Notebook doing this tag that she saw via I thought I'd join in just for the heck of it!!

[Mare and foal in field beside cottage we stay at in Connemara..reference my upcoming holiday!!] So, here goes...

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To
::Handing in my dissertation tomorrow
::Going for a slap up meal and a nice bottle of wine to celebrate
::Going on vacation in July
::Visiting my parents next weekend

4 Things I did Yesterday

::Worked on my dissertation all day looonnng
::Drank loads of coffee
::Went for a short walk with the woofers
::Watched "Property Snakes and Ladders"

4 Things I wish I Could Do
::Win the lottery
::Find a job I really enjoy (if I don't win the lottery that is!)
::Play the piano
::Work part-time (if I don't win the lottery that is!)

4 TV Shows I Watch
::Grand Designs with the lovely Mr McCloud
::Room for Improvement (Irish TV programme)
::24 (on DVD box it all up for Christmas hols!)

4 Places I'd Like to Travel
::Grand Canyon
::Buenos Aires

4 Places I've Lived

::London, UK
::Sydney, Australia
::Tokyo, Japan
::Seoul, Korea

Maybe you'll jump on the bandwagon too!!


kee and fi said...

grand designs is the BEST! i've also jumped on the bandwagon.....will answer all of the above on my blog! happy weekend! (i remember the days of dissertation writing! CONGRATS!)

Christina said...

oh, oh how fun this is!

Catherine said...

I love this tag! Think I might have to do this too! Grand designs is brilliant! I love it. You must feel so pleased to have your dissertation done, I hope you celebrated in style : )

Relyn said...

I enjoyed getting to know more about you. I'd love to hear more about your travels and overseas living. I'd love pictures, too.

Congratulations on finishing your dissertation. That's a big, BIG deal!!