Wednesday, June 03, 2009


It was my birthday yesterday! Now, I am not big on telling the world it's my birthday or on major celebrations but I do expect a little fuss from my husband! I love my coffee but no matter what machines I buy, I am never quite satisfied (plus I don't like anything too complicated) so this is what B gave me for my birthday - it's a Nespresso coffee neat and slender, just right for my little kitchen!

If you haven't heard about Nespresso, here goes...there are special Nespresso coffee machines (a variety of manufacturers make them) and you buy these pretty little Nespresso coffee capsules...they come in a variety of strengths, richness pop them in to your machine, press a button and hey presto...yummy delicious espresso or americano (with perfect crema too) in just 60 seconds!

B also bought me a voucher for my favourite facial spa which I am very much looking forward to when the "bad stuff" (exams etc) is over! We are going out to celebrate on Friday (also celebrating the return of my brother from overseas (he has been working in Chad for the past 5 months) and then on Sunday we are going to the War of the Worlds at the O2! Nice :)


Catherine said...

Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day, sounds like you got some lovely gifts.

Jac said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Martina for Tuesday, (I realise I'm a little late!) it looks as though you've got a busy weekend celebrating by the sounds of things! I love the look of your coffee maker, it looks perfect in your kitchen. Hope you have a really good weekend!i

Christina said...

Happy Belated birthday!!! Many blessing!

PS: oh, i am in love with your blog.
; )

rochambeau said...

Beautiful photographs, filled with simplicity! I come by way of Christina,


Christine--RHP said...

found you thru Christina--Nespresso is Da Bomb!!
Happy belated!