Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday...'s Friday and I'm "working" from home!! It's a lovely day here and tomorrow we are promised great weather too (that means sunny and 19 degrees...perfect for me!). This is very exciting considering all summer we have been having cold (I'm talking 12-14 degrees C), grey days with the odd beautiful day thrown in to tease us and remind us that it is actually summer. Of course, I firmly believe that our summer will arrive as soon as we hit Connemara in September!

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to tell you that I just discovered the new IKEA catalogue online!!! Here is the link to it...I haven't even looked yet but am looking forward to spending the next hour doing so (it's lunchtime right!).

Am looking forward to a great weekend...we have a big night out with friends tomorrow night, celebrating a birthday and welcoming home some friends from the US of A :)

Have a great weekend!

Random brekkie photo...crispbread from IKEA...coincidence :)


Miss said...

Ooh, look forward to seeing whether you get different Ikea things over there.

I have fantasies of a wall of white Billy bookcases with the extensions, so it's a whole wall of books. I read about a couple who put edging (can't remember the name... wooden carved stuff...) to make them look like 'real' bookcases.

I will quite poss' get an Ikea kitchen, too. But I don't like their corner inserts.

And have Ikea Expedits seen their day? Is it too late to get on board?

Here endeth the Ikea sermon..

StephieB said...

I am waiting ever so patiently for the brand new, and first full sized, Ikea to open its doors here in Sydney later in the year! 2.5km from the entrance to the checkouts. Exercise and shopping in one - how very thoughtful of them!

Great photo and good to see you are working hard (He! He!)

Stephie x