Friday, July 08, 2011


Oh dear! Well, a few months ago, I thought I would sign up for Pinterest. I was a little bemused by the fact that I had to "request an invite". Then when I received an email later to say "my application was being considered"...well, not really..but more or less, I thought hmmm...not so sure I am into all this mularkey...I'm supposed to be grateful that I am allowed join the community??

So, I ignored it but then recently I decided to give it a go and registered but didn't really have time to do anything with it..until last night and, guess what? I'm kind of hooked. It's perfect for me...I have bizillions of links in my bookmarks to images I like and now I can just PIN them..hurrah! The only thing is, I also keep loads of images in iPhoto that I would love to pop up on Pinterest but I never bothered with the sources as they were for my use only. Never mind!

I have my little Pinterest button installed over there to the right so if you want to have a snoop, go right ahead!

Posting has been very light lately...have been very busy and still catching up on stuff since my week in Berlin. Hoping things will get back to normal this weekend :)


Catherine said...

It sucks you in doesn't it, such a great idea to be able to click the pin it button and just save what you like with the link. I love it! Thought the sign up process was a little funny too but it's worth it : )

It followed me home said...

Haha total mularkey, but SO ADDICTIVE!! :)