Monday, July 04, 2011


....really, was I in Berlin?? I spent last week in Berlin with work and sadly, didn't get to see much at all - very disappointing indeed!

However the little I did see would definitely entice me to go back for a long weekend. The only evidence that I was there at all...we went on a Trabi Safari...such fun. We all got a model Trabi and a Trabi driving license!

Hope you have a good week :)


StephieB said...

Hi Martina!

What a shame it was mainly all work and no play! Nevermind, that seems to me like a perfect excuse to go back for a holiday. Love the photo. The Trabi looks super cute. Is that license genuine (He! He!)

Stephie x

PS I have left an answer to the question of "Irish roots" over at my blog for when you next get a chance to visit!

Catherine said...

Berlin is so exciting too bad you had to work, but a good excuse to go back!? I love your trabi, for some reason they remind me of u2, the whole achtung baby thing i was mildly obsessed with at age 10 or so!

Love your orla too, I looked at that one too. She is the best really.

Hope you're having a great week!

a house mouse said...

cute little keepsakes. They seem like good reminders (to go back to Berlin on your own time). I hope you get the chance soon.