Thursday, July 23, 2009

More hols..

Hello! Gosh, I thought it would be much easier to do this on hols, it's not...too busy being out and about, loving our surroundings and soaking up the beauty of it all...can't imagine ever getting tired of this place..every day we do the same 4 mile journey off the island along impossibly narrow, winding laneways and everyday I gasp in delight, really, it's just breathtaking!! I so love it here...want to give up the whole city thing and come down here forever...sigh!!

Some more snaps...have taken soooo many and am being very lazy here, not thinking too hard about which ones to pick..sorry!! For Trudi...we have two doggies, Oscar and Sadie, both Bichon Frise, twins and the only two in the litter - they are 6 years old!! And yes, Mary is a Connemara pony and they are a well known breed...there are so many of them around here...I can't describe how wonderful it is to see a beautiful pony run by your living room window...gasp!! Feel like I am in a movie sometimes!

View from top of Connemara National Park towards the Atlantic Ocean

Local cow taking her time moving out of our way on lane home!

Road sign on the Bog Road..gotta love it!

A very still 5am shot from back of cottage

Old farm buildings/barns on the island

Shot of Sadie sitting at front door..cute!

B with O&S near Gurteen

Sadie with her squeezy ball!

Pretty clouds, evening sky...

And more pretty clouds!!

That's it from me for another few days...sorry I haven't been visiting you much but promise to visit when I get back from hols and of course, and as always, thanks for your lovely comments :)


Gigi said...

I want to move there, too! Seriously, these photos are stunning.

Tracy said...

Just enjoy your days, Martina... drink in every drop of your holiday...simmer in the happy juices of being away! :o) Just thrilled you had a moment to share these GORGEOUS photos...looks like you're having a grand time in a little corner of heaven...*sigh*...Your dogs are too cute! Happy Days :o)

Catherine said...

It looks gorgeous! Must be such a lovely relaxing break for you, I love your pictures

Casie said...

You need not worry about us. Just revel in your relaxation!

Christina said...

So serene. I love coming here.

Jac said...

Such beautiful scenery Martina *sigh* it looks so relaxing and lovely. I see you've been having a fantastic time so I'm not surprised you haven't been blogging as much as usual!

TheDecoDetective said...

It does look wonderful, and Oscar & Sadie look like they're having a great time as well!
Don't worry about not having that much time for visiting, enjoy your holiday time and do exactly what you want!!

Relyn said...

Your holiday pictures are just amazing - so beautiful.

Cheryl said...

finally catching up on blog reading. the picture of this cow kills me. love it.