Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Simple things (round two!)...

Christina at Soul Aperture suggested another day of celebrating the simple here are a few more "simple things" that make me happy....

: mashed banana sandwiches (with butter) and a cup of tea

: fresh flowers in my living room

: rolling over in bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings and realising I don't have to go to work, that I can laze around a bit and have a long leisurely breakfast with my husband

: rolling countryside and open spaces

: soft pale blues and pinks

: I leave for work every morning just a few minutes before my husband...I am always in a rush but he has everything ready for breakfast to take with me, my keys where I can find them etc. Then he stands at the window as I leave with our two doggies in his arms so we can all wave goodbye to each other!! Aw shucks!! It makes my day :)

: heading out of Dublin on the open road with rolling countryside all around me and being able to drive (ie, not being stuck in traffic!)

: roast chicken dinners with roast potatoes and my mother's stuffing

: being able to sit outside and kick back in the summer sunshine with a chilled glass of my favourite wine (doesn't happen a lot so extra special when it does!)

: my doggies running to me and fussing over me when I have screamed after stubbing my toe or tripping or falling (which I do a lot!)

: settling down on the sofa with my latest stash of magazines - a nice cup of coffee and some biscuits close at hand

: new notebooks and stationery

: my husband...always and all the time!


beth said...

a new notebook...
one of my favorite simple things, too !

Tracy said...

So much delight here...Thank you for sharing your joy! Pale blues and pinks--oh yes... My husband all the time too--he is my spouse and my greatest friend. :o) Happy Day :o)

Anonymous said...

love your list! I'm totally with you on the new notebooks and stationery. Oh, and my husband!

Liss said...

Nice list, I thought my mum was the only one that ate mashed banana sandwiches.

Christina said...

Martina, your husband sounds like a gem! And, well you know how I feel about your doggies! ; )

" roast chicken dinners with roast potatoes and my mother's stuffing"
Comfort food, there is nothing like it in the world. Yum!

Gigi said...

I love this list, and I'm loving your blog in general. So glad Christina has done this again, as it leads me to wonderful spots like this. Mashed banana sandwiches with butter--I've never had one, but now I will try one! Your husband sounds like a gem. Have a wonderful day!

Caroline said... best friend is from outside of Dublin, she stubs her toes and trips a lot too...hmmmmm. Great list!

stephanie said...

Your husband sounds like a winner! What a great list. Thanks for sharing what makes you happy.


Jac said...

I love your list Martina! Yay to the doggies (and husband of course lol!) I am totally with you on the new stationery front, and the chilled glass of wine in the sun and the magazines and biscuits the having a husband who gets everything sorted in the morning, ( I also rush around like a maniac in the mornings!). I just love this idea of Christinas as it's lovely to see what other people put down. :)

Shell said...

A sweet list. I love your husband, he sounds like a dream.

rochambeau said...

Dear Martina,
You have a beautiful list here! AND it is really SO NICE that your husband is a good man and that you appreciate and honor him here today!
It is fun knowing you are in Dublin!
If you email me your address I will send you a heart.

Anonymous said...

mashed banan sandwishes - i can never eat that. but it is my husband's favourite :)

Cheryl said...

great list and man, how sweet is your husband!

Relyn said...

Your list is perfect. Warm and wonderful. And aren't we so blessed to have such marvelous husbands.