Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goddesses all ??

Why, yes...we are!! If you can, you must check out these books by Irish Journalist, Gisele Scanlon...I just bought the second Goddess Guide a few weekends ago. I loved the first so buying the second was a must! They are little guides jam-packed with tips on beauty, fashion, travel, food and much can get the low down on offbeat stores, vintage shops, great cafes, restaurants and hotels in cities like NYC, London, Dublin and Paris - things you won't see in other guides. How to look after cashmere, the world's best macaroons, pages on chocolate followed by chocolate recipes...the list goes on. It's fun and frolicsome and actually quite useful! The books are beautifully designed and they are not too expensive either! The Goddess Guide and the Goddess Experience - a nice little treat for yourself!

Oh...and's a Hector Lamp..they finally arrived after waiting over 8 weeks - but I think they were worth the wait - I love them. This little chap won't be staying here...he is destined to sit by my bed...will show pictures later when I get organised.

Oh....and...anybody who has this type of comment box...I just can't leave comments, don't know why...they just disappear..pooofff...gone! So, please know that I do visit but just can't comment. Anyone else suffer from this particular comment malaise??


Casie said...

The books look lovely!

And yes I too suffer from that comment issue. It happens when I use Firefox (ie everyday) but not when I switch to Safari (which I don't like quite as much).

Martina said... worked!! Thanks so much. Very weird tho!

Catherine said...

I've never seen these books before but they look great. Oh and I think hector is beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing them in place!

PhotoPuddle said...

I bought one of these as a gift for a friend as I just though it was so pretty.

Glad you got your comment box issues sorted out. Thanks for visiting my blog x

Jac said...

The books look lovely, even just their covers, will be off to amazon to have a peek! Glad Hector arrived safely - very nice!

Casie said...

Martina, you know what's even weirder, on my Mac at home, which has a newer operating system than my work Mac, that comment box does work. Operating systems & browers. Eh.

Jac said...

So glad you checked out the 500 pencils link Martina, they look seriously tempting and I agree that the storage where they are behind glass looks amazing. Do you think you'd be able to not use the pencils though? I think I would be tempted to play with them!

Christina said...

these books look fab! i so want them. : )
hoping you are well.