Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring green....

We have had the most beautiful weather skies, lots of gorgeous sunshine (very cold but I don't mind how cold it is once the sun is shining!). For the past few years, daffodils were blooming in February (so wrong!)..daffodils always appeared around Mother's Day and even tho it was Mother's Day yesterday, the daffodils are only just beginning to bloom. There are snowdrops and crocus' everywhere...spring is here and everything feels lush and green...I took a few pictures up in the park the other day...felt like I was on Pandora!!

Happy Monday! It's Paddy's Day on Wednesday and I have Thursday and Friday off work too...yayy! However, it's not all good as I have to study...poo! Enjoy your week :)

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Jac said...

Yeah it's gorgeous when everything starts growing. I love that first photo, so lush, it looks magical, (and all that green so appropriate for St. Paddy himself ;) !!)