Saturday, June 04, 2011

A long weekend...

We've had a tough and busy two weeks but it is a bank holiday weekend and it was my birthday yesterday so I took the day off (and I'm taking Tuesday too...yayy!). I have had lots of treats courtesy of my lovely husband and had a great day yesterday (the weather here was amazing). We went out to dinner last night and I wore yet another of my Cos purchases (which I will be sharing over the coming days). My husband bought me this lovely Orla Kiely storage jar Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)


StephieB said...

Hi Martina! Happy happy birthday to you! Glad you have had lots of treats and that you will be having a longer long weekend as well. Ours is next weekend - can't wait! I love the Orla Kiely jar. Is there anything she can't do? We don't get a lot of her stuff here in Australia and what is available is super expensive. Love the photo too.

Stephie x

Catherine said...

Happy birthday Martina! I hope you had a lovely day, it sure sounds like it and beautiful weather is perfect. Love to see your cos purchase, i fell seriously in love with that shop, and I bought that orla jar all the way home from london : )

Have a wonderful rest of your break