Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nice place to work...

Hello! Still extremely busy but thankfully finished my "moonlighting" work...am going to Berlin next Sunday for a week with work so lots to do right now...including packing for a week away..I hate packing!!

Anyway, wouldn't you just love to work out of somewhere like this...sigh!

It's the studio of jewellery designer Sophie of Sunken Treasure - really like her work. via here - a lovely blog I have just recently discovered.

Have a good week :)


StephieB said...

Hi Martina! Would you actually get any work done?! Gorgeous space, thanks for sharing.

I hate packing too. I usually leave it right to the last minute and just throw stuff in my suitcase!

Glad you have finished the "moonlighting" at least that will make things a bit easier for you.

Talk soon, Stephie x

Catherine said...

I love Sophie's blog everything looks so nice, and her necklaces are great, I definitely could work in a room like that : )

a house mouse said...

oh yeah! What a great space.


p.s. thanks for the link. Have a nice time in Berlin.