Thursday, June 23, 2011

Etsy lovin'...

So, I blame...Catherine for this!!! I have just gone and bought a pair of those gorgeous crocheted slippers from whitenoisemaker cute!

And speaking of cute...I am also extremely tempted (blame Anna) by this little chap with his itty bitty golden boots...

And that little tail...gush!! Doesn't he just make you smile :)

You can find "Young Mouse with Gold Boots" and lots more good stuff at Cordoroy here.

Also just came across the lovely blog of Flora Douville who makes pretty necklaces which are available in her Etsy shop, Supercollider.

Hope you are having a good week :)


Catherine said...

oh Martina, those grey ones, so cool, I didn't notice those!! Maybe i need a second pair....not really but they are sweet. The little gold boots are killer too! So much etsy goodness out there. I hope you are having a great week x

It followed me home said...

Argh!! Those slippers are SO DARN CUTE!!

StephieB said...

Please do not tempt me with anything else from Etsy! I am such an addict already! Love the slippers.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Stephie x

PS How's the packing going?!