Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Some purchases...

I said I would share some of purchases from Cos...some more recent than others. I referred to the bow dress in a previous post (my husband calls it my Laura Ingalls dress)...in fact I liked it so much I bought the same dress in navy too! I wear them with flats and leggings underneath but would wear the navy one with skinny dark jeans and converse too :)

Then I got these as part of my birthday pressie from my husband (at the weekend). I love the stripy shirt..it's kind of A line in shape. I love the neckline/collar. Prison stripes?? Nah! The other item is a tunic type dress...falls just below my bottom and is very sixties in style, the fabric is quite heavy and it's an A-line shape with hidden pockets at the front. I will wear it with cropped black skinny trousers and flats or heels when I want to be more fancy...really love this on :)

I also got a white dress with a bubble hem which I love too - bought with money from my parents (again for my birthday). Wore this out to dinner on my birthday night, again with leggings (black) underneath and white ballerina flats (which I scored for 27 euros in M&S) - also got a silver pair! Aren't birthdays great!?!

If I remember next time I wear any of the above, I will take a photo of them actually on me rather than on the hanger! I think that will be the end of clothes shopping for a while!


StephieB said...

Great buys Martina! I have been known to buy two of the same thing too! Why not if you really love something and will get the wear out of it? I love the white dress. So pretty! Glad you had such a lot of fun with your birthday money. It would be nice to have a summer and winter birthday each year methinks to make sure that the wardrobe is complete! Talk soon, Stephie x

a house mouse said...

They are all super cute, I love them all! I hope you had a good birthday.

It followed me home said...

Goodness you have very done well! The stripey top collar is divine! And i adore those orange sandals.
Thank you, I've been very uninspired on the wardrobe front - this has given me a lift.