Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I need bedside tables - the ones I have are fine but are a temporary measure (and have been for, hmm...let me see now...8 years!!!)...so I am thinking of a 2 element Componibili (image below) for one side and a little white cabinet I have had for years from Ikea (which is currently residing in the snug) for the other.  I also want to replace my bedhead (or get rid of it).  My husband is pretty handy so hopefully he can build something like the headboard/shelf in the first image above...my current favourite.  I do like the use of plywood in the second image and of course a simple shelf would be nice too.

We are starting a big paint job shortly...the entire house needs to be done so am looking forward to it feeling fresh and bright again.  Will hopefully sort out the bedhead/bedside table issues at the same time.  Will post photos when I do :) 

First picture from here, second by Camera Press / Chris Warnes / ACP found here and last from here.  Picture of Componibili units here


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the headboard in the first pic. Sooo pretty! Good luck with the big paint job!

Camila Faria

StephieB said...

Love the first pic Martina. What is that saying - a change is as good as a holiday - but hey you've just had one of those too! Lucky you!

Enjoy the changes and talk soon, Stephie x