Thursday, October 06, 2011


Today is the first "proper" autumn day we have had here in Dublin.  I love autumn and really look forward to lovely bright, sunny, but much cooler weather in September.  This year was different...September was horrible...wet and warm..ugh!  Today is gorgeous, cold enough to wrap up in coat and scarf!  I have the fire on as I type...glee!  So, now that I am feeling all autumny I am looking for more snuggly/wintry items. I spotted these cushions from Darkroom and love them.

Hope you are having a good week :)

BTW...please keep your fingers crossed / say a little prayer / light a little candle for our Sadie.  She is having serious spinal issues and we are heading off to vet hospital at UCD tomorrow to have her assessed for MRI etc.  I am so scared that she might need spinal surgery but am trying to remain very upbeat and positive :)


Miss said...

Hi Martina
how is Sadie? Will pray for her and for you all.

Catherine said...

oh Martina I hope Sadie is ok, that sounds very stressful poor little thing, fingers very firmly crossed. xx