Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sweet Sadie...

Poor Sadie...she really has had a hard time of it recently but she is such a darling little trooper - she keeps soldiering on being the happy little ball of fun she always has been tho restricted quite a bit by her bad back legs.  We spent a lot of Friday last week at UCD Veterinary Hospital where she was being assessed for spinal or other orthopaedic issues...we were wishing, hoping and praying that it wasn't spinal and thank goodness it wasn't...huge relief.  She does however need surgery on both her back legs.  Once she has the surgery she should be able to return to her old ways!  However, she has to be "confined" for TWO MONTHS post-op as if she runs or jumps or does whatever it is doggies like to do she would most likely undo the work of the surgery.  This is going to be really hard.  B spent a few hours on Sunday making a gate which we will use to close off our tiny kitchen and that's where the woofers will have to be "confined" to when we are not around.  Surgery is scheduled for 24th October so we time to gently introduce them to the new regime. Anyway, as long as the surgery goes well and we manage the post-op care and attention, we know she should make a great recovery and get back to living life to its fullest :)

Oscar is doing fine but a little confused as to why his twin sister can't play and blitz with him...he had to feature in one of the above photos :)


Elizabeth Gilmore said...

I am glad that it is not a spinal injury, poor thing. Hopefully the two months of 'rest' post surgery will go by quickly.


Miss said...

Hi Martina
I'm so relieved it's not spinal, but sorry to hear Miss Sadie has to have an op'. Do hope she comes through it swimmingly and is soon fully recovered.

A friend of mine's dog has had surgery on her back legs - first one leg, then the other. They bought an indoor pen that they kept in the living room near the heater :0) Millie came through it all really well and was very patient.

Have been praying for her (and worried when there was nothing on the blog!).

Warm wishes (and to Oscar!)

Martina said...

Hello Miss...thanks so much for taking the time to comment and to wish Sadie luck..very kind! Also nice to hear that Millie came through something similar with flying colours! Thanks again :)