Sunday, May 01, 2011

The cottages....

So, I mentioned in my last post that I would share some photos of our recent little trip. Here are some photos of the lovely cottages, interior shots are from "our" cottage :) Both cottages were practically derelict when our friends bought them many years ago and the gardens weren't gardens but as you will see they are really something now!

Here is the laneway up to our cottage, the cottage itself, the firewood all perfectly cut and ready for the woodburner inside and the woofers staring out at us through the catflap (no cats about tho).

Some interior shots of our cottage...I love all the original tongue and groove ceilings throughout...the one in the dining room is especially lovely! The stairs leading up to the main bedroom were handmade by our friend using solid ash...amazing!

I will post photos of the gorgeous gardens and of our trip around the Black Valley and the Ring of Kerry over the coming days. I hope you like the photos above in the meantime :)

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It followed me home said...

Awwh! This is divine! Love that pink door!