Saturday, May 21, 2011

Muted pinks, blues and greys...

Hello...I can't believe how this week has flown by! It's Saturday morning and I have just finished brekkie. Have some chores to do (food shopping, coffee shopping and cleaning, the latter of which chores will probably be put on the long finger again!!). We are going to a 40th birthday tonight but hopefully it won't be a late one :)

I have mentioned before how I am itching to change things up in my little home!! Sadly, with our current financial situation that will be difficult but I can still dream and plan. I hope that I can sell our Habitat sofa on e-bay or some such place so that I can buy the Karlstad sofa at IKEA!! When we bought the sofa back in 2003 it was very expensive and we loved's a great shape - low level, low slung, deep and comfy... but it's leather and I am totally gone off leather (and have been off it for quite some time) ...but it is very practical when you have two little doggies...we'll see!!

Anyway, I am wittering on way too much. I love the tones in the images below SO much - the muted pinks and blues and of course the greys - they are just the colours that I plan to introduce through fabrics (re-upholstering, cushions, throws etc and in washed linens if I can!). Exactly what I have in my head...

Images via Bliss via sfgirlbybay


Catherine said...

Hi Martina! I hope you had a lovely weekend? I am so sorry I've been slack emailing back to you, I will tonight : )
I know how you feel about wanting to change things up a bit at home I am the same. THose two images are so beautiful I love that pink armchair and the blue sofa too. I'm on the sofa hunt and it is a difficult choice.
Have a great week!

StephieB said...

Oh how I love pink. I want that chair! I hope you had a great weekend, Stephie x