Monday, May 09, 2011

The weekend...

A lovely quite weekend, walks in the park with the doggies and a little bit of sorting out. I did a quick trip to Ikea to buy some storage jars - I am planning some open shelving in my kitchen and would like to have all my store cupboard ingredients easy to see and easy to access so the plan is that all the jars that I have labelled below (which shows a very messy situation but hey, it was a work in progress when I took the photo!) will eventually end up on the open shelves...that's of course when we get around to it!! I also want to change my work top and tiles in the kitchen - it shouldn't be too expensive as it is so tiny! Pictures below are from Pearse Park in Rathfarnham (and my wee kitchen of course).

Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

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Miss said...

Work in progress! I love the way you've used a tiered cake stand for fruit - very clever. I'm going to get one of mine out right now! Thanks for the inspiration. And the cute pooch pics!