Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random stuff...

Hubbie hung the Hang it All at the weekend and I am really pleased with it...wish I could leave it more or less bare but that's not going to happen!

Eurovision party was great fun...Ruth put on an amazing spread for us...so much food and I ate EVERYTHING!! Slightly worse for wear on Sunday so just hung out at home in front of the fire - yes, that's right, IN FRONT OF THE FIRE!! I don't know what's going on with the weather...what little summer we get here in Ireland usually visits in April and May but it's really cold here right now...you'd have warmer days in December!

Grilled lots of asparagus to serve with grilled salmon and couscous on Sunday evening...totally yum :)

And...Oscar has found another comfy spot to rest..you can barely see him but he is there...all snuggled up on the sheepskin :)


a house mouse said...

Oscar looks super cozy on the sheepskin. Your right he blends right in - what a cutie.

Have a good day!

StephieB said...

Hi Martina!

The Hang It All looks amazing. I love that space - everything looks so lovely and fresh!

Are you sure you haven't moved to Sydney in your sleep? It's freezing here - perfect fire weather!

Stephie x

PS I love the painting - did you do it?

Christina said...

there is my boy! where is sadie? ohhh give em tummy rub, from auntie C.